Learning & Fun

Bottesford Bunnies
    • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

      As with all early year’s settings, we work with a specially tailored curriculm, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), working towards approved learning goals.

      Play underpins the delivery of the EYFS (DfE 2017) and it is through play that children learn at their highest level. At Bottesford Bunnies, we provide a wide range of play opportunites, activities and first hand experiences to help all children learn, develop and flourish. Fun and friendship with children and adults is also encouraged and supported.

    • Small Group 'Circle Times'

      Individual care and attention is made possible through structured activities and small group ‘circle times’ which are adult led. These experiences support your child’s learning and development. There are also opportunities for you and your family to be directly involved in the activities and experiences of the pre-school and in your child’s progress and learning journey.

    • Busy Bear & Busy Bunny

      At Bottesford Bunnies we have a teddy bear called Busy Bear’ and a rabbit called ‘Busy Bunny’

      Busy Bear and Busy Bunny are encouraged to go home with the children and join in with family life for a few days, specifically for children who are taking time to settle for Pre-School. Accompanying Busy Bear and Busy Bunny is a book where their activities can be recorded either through pictures or your child’s mark-making/ writing.

      Busy Bear enjoys meeting and playing with new friends, he loves to go out and about, he loves cuddles and snuggles and he enjoys stories, rhymes and songs. He understands all languages and likes children to talk to him in their own language.

  • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

  • Key Person System

    Bottesford bunnies operate a key person system
    • It is the policy of the Pre-School and in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to operate a key person system.
  • Although all practitioners will care and look after all the children, each practitioner will have particular responsibility for a number of children.

    This enables the early years practitioners to provide a stimulating and enabling learning environment that will ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential, building positive relationships with the children and their families along with building and recording observations of your child’s learning journey.

    Parents/carer’s open weeks are 3 times a year, inviting you to chat with your child’s key person about how they are progressing in their learning and development. You will be informed of your child’s key person and 2nd keyperson/buddy before their first session.

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  • Parental Contributuion

    We believe in working together
  • One of our aims at Bottesford Bunnies is to make the transition from home to pre-school, a happy experience for all the family.

    At the start and end of each session, you are required to sign your child in and out of pre-school. However, please notify us if someone else is collecting your child at the end of the session and record this in the comments section of the signing in sheet. If this person has not collected your child before and is not known to the pre-school practitioners, please give the password to the person collecting your child. (This is also documented in our Non-Collection of Children policy).

    Your child will have a Learning Journey (Look at Me file) and we encourage you to bring along any of the child’s work, pictures, photograph from home for inclusion in their file. Your child’s file will be available to you every session, this will be in their allocated tray with their name on. You can have a look at your child’s learning journey anytime. If you wish to take the file home to look through, this must be signed out beforehand.

  • We have 3 open weeks a year (one each term) in which we invite parents/carer’s to book an appointment to see their child’s key person, to look through their learning journey together and to talk about how they are progressing in their learning and development.

    We also like to invite parents/carer’s and family, to attend events such as our Christmas and Easter celebrations, trips etc.

    The children also enjoy taking part in multi-cultural celebrations such as the Hindu celebration Diwali – the festival of light, American Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year.

    For information concerning current events, please see our regular newsletters (these are issued at least once each half term and Bottesford Bunnies facebook page.

    We also display information on the white board near the entrance door and on the display board (at the side of the building as you come up the path).